We Offer More

Although the bulk of our business is for Powder Coating, Custom Upholstery, and Full Restoration – we specialize in a few other services that can bring your Snowmobile or Motorcycle to the next level.

Other great services we offer:

  • Custom Plating
  • Rubber Molding
  • Painting

We also have parts that we’ve either created or restored, which are available for purchase.  If you’re just in the market for a specific piece, perhaps one of these will be just what you’re looking for. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call and we can likely fabricate the needed part.

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Custom Plating

At J&M Speed Shop, we can custom restore plating to items such as hardware, control cables, brackets to save those vintage pieces and restore to like-new luster. A nice addition to the powder coating service and a must for key restoration parts.

Rubber Molding

We found many of the rubber parts needed for restoration projects simply don’t exist. We found the need to duplicate many parts and build them ourselves. If you are having trouble sourcing a rubber part, contact us for review. We may be able to create you a new one.


We offer complete bodywork and paint services. We specialize in light metal repair, fiberglass and gel coat work, and painting. We can custom paint to your requirements. We also offer hand laid pin-striping and lettering for that special custom appearance. Vinyl decals are also available. Let us know your needs, chances are we can help.